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AIOF intends to return any excess annual revenue to the community through establishing charitable initiatives. The AOIF board of directors has established a grants committee. As the foundation launches in 2024, the board will release the annual charitable giving priorities and amounts in support of the organization’s mission to improve quality of and access to cancer care in Alaska.
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Giving focus areas will directly support the mission and goals of the organization.
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Reduce the financial concerns and related stress of cancer care by lowering costs of care and improving the overall oncology experience. 

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Ensure long-term access to cancer care for Alaskans through investments in the oncology workforce and cancer-fighting technology.

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Improve access to cancer prevention education and screening to reduce late-stage diagnosis and associated negative outcomes. 

Please check back for updates on current giving priorities in mid-2024
Services through Aurora Integrated Oncology Foundation cancer centers are offered to patients and families regardless of ability to pay. Your generous gift to AIOF helps our team provide quality care and support services to Alaskans.
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